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We offer free awareness training about sexual assault and SARC services both online and in person.

For further information about receiving training for your organisation, please get in touch by calling 0330 223 0099 or emailing us at (email is monitored from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

Topics our training covers

  • Explanation of SARC processes for adults, young people and children
  • Guidance on who our SARCs do and do not offer services for 
  • Explanation of what sexual assault, harassment and rape are and some signs that these offences have happened to adults and children
  • Male sexual assault and support
  • Child sexual exploitation/abuse
  • Barriers to reporting sexual assault
  • Walk through of the equipment used during a medical examination
  • Guidelines from the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine

Meet our team

Our team of male outreach workers supports males who need our specialist services and engage with local communities to spread awareness of SARCs, sexual assault and rape.

Kent (Beech House)


Surrey (Solace Centre)


Sussex (The Saturn Centre)


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